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abfab, alternate universes, angel, bellatrix/snape, buffy the vampire slayer, buffyverse, catherine willows, catherine/greg, cedric/hermione, challenges, cordelia/angel, crossovers, csi, csi: miami, dana scully, dark angel, dark fanfiction, dark fiction, dean winchester, dean winchester/max guevera, dollhouse, echo, echo/alpha, echo/dean, faith/angel, faith/buffy, faith/cordelia, faith/dean, faith/willow, fanfiction, femslash, glee, harry potter, hermione/bellatrix, hermione/draco, hermione/harry, hermione/lord voldemort, hermione/sirius, hermione/snape, hex, john steed/emma peel, labyrinth, logan/veronica, magenta/janet, max guevera, max/alec, max/logan, original fiction, rachel/jesse, rachel/puck, rocky horror picture show, ryan wolfe, ryan/calleigh, ryan/natalia, scully/mulder, spn/btvs crossovers, st trinians, supernatural, the avengers, the lost boys, the wishverse, the x-files, thelma bates, thelma/cassie, veronica mars, veronica/lilly, willow/angel, willow/angel/faith, willow/angelus, wolverine/rogue, writing, x-men
The Writer
This community is for fanfiction written by aaronlisa. It is a primarily friends open community. However some fanfiction may be occassionally posted as friends only due to content. Please feel free to friend this journal. Some of the content in this journal may be of an adult nature. Please take care to read all of the warnings and ratings very carefully. When posting, I tend to use one of several journals, including my personal journal: starlit_desires, witchinghourfic and ghostly_images. As well, my current fanfiction claims and the prompt tables can be found at midnight_skies.This is done largely to keep my fic and fic-related communities more organized more than anything else.
Fandoms & Pairings
I write in the following fandoms: Supernatural, Dark Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Twilight, CSI, CSI: Miami, Labyrinth, LJ Smith and X-men (largely the movie-verse.) I prefer to write fics that either focus on a single scene, that are au in nature or crossovers. I will drabble almost any character and/or pairing at least once. And I don't really have a OTP, however some of my favourite ships include: Max/Alec, Max/Logan, Dean/Max (crossover), Dean/Faith (crossover), Faith/Buffy, Faith/Willow, Faith/Cordelia, Willow/Angel(us), Cordelia/Angel(us) and Rogue/Wolverine.

There are a few more fandoms, characters and pairings that I enjoy dabbling in, so this list isn't what I'd call 100% complete. It's more of a snapshot of what you'll find here at this community.
If you're looking for something in particular, why not check out my tag list. Or if you're looking for my older fanfiction, why not check out starlit_desires or witchinghourfic. My graphics are located at hiru_no_tsuki. Affiliates: ragnarok_fic peaceofmind_fic nlb_fic
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