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{buffyverse} reunion  
Title: Reunion
Author: aaronlisa
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
Pairing/Characters: Darla/Drusilla, implied Darla/Angelus, Drusilla/Spike
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: Written for Round 100 at femslash_minis for brutti_ma_buoni who wanted the pairing along with a hundred things to do before you die, jet (as in the mineral), and terror without fluff and either being a human.
Notes: This is set sometime before BtVS Season One.
Summary: Darla finds herself bored of modern life.
Word Count: 1010

Time passes by so strangely. The years with Angelus were slow and sweet like honey but without him, they pass by in a haze of lonely nights. She finds herself in a bookstore in the middle of some large city with no idea if she's on the east coast of the west coast. There's a book in her hand with the ridiculous title of 100 Things to Do Before You Die in neon pink print. It looks like a book for bored and unfulfilled housewives. She flips through the pages and sneers at some of thee trite suggestions. None of them seem designed to allow for the reader to actually experience life at it's fullest before death. She drops the book to the floor, ignoring the outraged gasp of the woman next to her. Her face changes from human to monster to silence the woman in overly-tight and brightly coloured aerobic wear.

Angelus would have hated this era with it's bright colours and vapid people. Nothing's a challenge anymore.

* * *

Two days later, Darla finds herself in Los Angeles in a small nightclub that's playing music that's gloomy and dark. The patrons are barely old enough to be considered adults in this day and age. They're all dressed in black from head to toe, they talk about death and how they embrace while they dance to the discordant music. Darla is in a shadowy corner, although in truth the entire club is barely lit, sipping on a glass of terrible red wine. She's tired of being alone but it's been rather difficult to find someone that she can tolerate beyond a few moments much less someone that she'd want to turn. She finds herself missing the days when she had a family.

The song changes into another depressing song about death and Darla drains her glass of wine. Maybe it's time to leave this city, maybe it's time to head back to Europe when something on the dance floor catches her eye. It's a flash of peacock blue that draws her closer to the dance floor. The crowd parts and for the first time in a very long time, Darla finds her lips turning upwards into a smile.

Drusilla is on the dance floor, dressed in a long dark Victorian gown with long jet earrings dangling from her ears as she sways back and forth. Her movements are out of sync with the music that's pounding from the speakers but Drusilla's always danced to her own tune supplied by the stars or the wind or some other such nonsense. For the first time in a very long time, Darla feels alive.

She makes her way over to the dance floor towards Drusilla who opens her arms for Darla to slip into. For a moment, it feels like Darla has come home and she is at peace. And then the song changes over to something else that's louder and harder and she pulls away from the younger vampire. There's a brief flash of a smile with sharp fangs and an unspoken conversation flows between them.

Someone jostles into Drusilla who turns around and rips out the offender's heart before presenting it to Darla, who takes a bite of the still beating organ. The heart falls to the ground and then the room is full of the delicious scent of terror and blood. Darla smiles at Drusilla, her lips smeared in blood before she turns towards a beautiful boy who looks more like a girl. He pleads for his life in a series of high-pitched words that make no sense. Hadn't he wanted death a few moments ago? It doesn't matter since death is here now in the form of Darla and she doesn't care if he's changed his mind. She sinks her razor sharp fangs into his neck and drinks until she drops his body to the floor.

Drusilla laughs a rich sound that's more pleasant to her ears than the music that's still playing.

"Isn't that my dress?" Darla asks.

"A long time ago," Drusilla replies.

Darla laughs back before grabbing another person and soon the room is full of shrill screams of fear. It's a lovelier sound than the funereal music that was playing earlier. Soon enough everyone's trying to escape like rats from a sinking ship but all of the exits are locked off. Darla silently thanks the owner of the club who was concerned more about profiting from his patrons than he was about their safety. She's also very much aware that somewhere outside, Spike is waiting for any of the club patrons who might be lucky enough to find an exit out. The room stinks of terror and blood and she hasn't felt this alive in such a long time.

It's only natural when she reaches out for Drusilla and kisses her. The younger vampire's lips are sweet with blood. Her hands slip behind Drusilla's body and start working on the row of buttons of the dress. Everything seems so familiar, so fresh in her memory yet she can barely remember where she was three months ago much less three nights ago.

It seems like there are a hundred buttons for her to carefully undo until Drusilla is standing before her in a pale-coloured silk chemise. Someone screams outside before they're silenced, no doubt by Spike. And for a moment, Darla thinks that they're back in Europe at some fancy ball until the moment passes and Drusilla's crushing her lips against Darla's.

They fall to the ground, limbs entwined, and the silk of Drusilla's chemise turns crimson and all Darla can think of is how she wants to extend this moment to make it last for eternity. Desire, terror and blood scenting the air as Drusilla's hands rip off the clothes on Darla's body.

* * *

She leaves Spike and Drusilla after three years. It's not that she doesn't enjoy being with them it's just that she's a third wheel. Darla makes her way to California where she's heard rumours of the Master.

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brutti_ma_buoni: Darla and Drubrutti_ma_buoni on March 27th, 2014 09:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you! All too likely an outcome, I think, if they did meet up in the twentieth century.
consumedly: thanks!consumedly on March 28th, 2014 08:49 am (UTC)
Thank you ~_~ for the nice imaginery ;)

also, this has definitely happened. I'm sure it did ;)
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This was lovely. I really enjoyed the imagery.
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