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{buffyverse} halloween at the bronze

Title: Halloween at the Bronze
Author: aaronlisa
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing/Characters: Willow/Amy
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: Written for femslash_minis's round 80 for snogged who wanted someone singing a karaoke version of "Black Magic Woman," spooky jack-o-lanterns and groping without any fluff.
Notes: Set during Season Six.
Summary: Willow winds up at the Bronze on Halloween with Amy.
Word Count: 642

The Bronze has had a history of having lame events. It's not really the owner's fault, it's just the fact that it's one of two places where people can hang out and dance. The other place being the Fish Tank where a rougher clientele frequent. Plus the Bronze is the only place in town that lets those under twenty-one in. Willow sighs as she sits down beside Amy at the table. Despite the fact that it's Sunnydale, there are far too many Halloween stereotypes (Dracula, a few wicked witches admits the sexy witches, and so on) to actually be fun for her. There was a time (before Buffy came to town and into Willow's life) when this would have been fun.

Amy looks at her and laughs when someone takes the stage and starts doing a horrible Karaoke version of "Black Magic Woman." Willow cringes and Amy just laughs some more.

"We could make it better," Amy suggests.

(There was a time when Willow would have been horrified by the suggestion, when she would have thought that using magic for something so trivial would be a waste.)

Willow smiles and nods. They clasp hands on the table before casting their magic. Willow feels a surge of power race through her and out of her. Suddenly the singer sounds a whole lot better and the audience goes from booing to cheering. (A very quiet inner voice questions her actions but Willow ignores it.)

They finish their drinks and Amy grabs Willow by the hand. The red-haired witch thinks that maybe she should be more concerned about Amy's behaviour since the other witch is rather giggly and short on words but Willow doesn't care. She just wants to feel happy, she wants to feel like it's okay to use her magic and not just for serious saving the world stuff. She wants to be free and not judged. She's tired of Tara's judgmental looks as of late.

They wind up on the upper floor. It's lit only by a group of spooky carved pumpkins. Willow doesn't pay too much attention to them, instead she lets Amy drag her off to a shadowy alcove. The other witch wraps her hands around Willow's waist and Willow knows that this is so very wrong and she shouldn't even consider betraying her girlfriend (no matter how upset she is with Tara) but Tara's not there and Amy is. Unlike Tara, Amy is warm and welcoming (just like how Tara used to be once upon a time.)

The atmosphere up here is dark and seductive and instead of resisting it, Willow gives in. She lets Amy draw her in for a chaste kiss but she's the one who pins Amy up against the wall with her magic and her lust. It doesn't seem that Amy minds when she pulls Willow tighter against her body or when she moves her hands all over Willow's body, underneath her clothes.

Willow harshly sighs against the curve of Amy's neck. They could easily be caught by anyone but she doesn't care if she's found out. She doesn't care if Tara walks in right now because all that matters is that spark of magic and power that's building in the pit of her stomach. Tonight they'll wind up at Rack's and celebrate Halloween in style but for now Willow's content to grind against Amy to find some sort of release that she can't find at home.

(The fact that when she's at home in the wee hours of the morning, coming down from her high, she'll cry in the shower and hate herself for becoming just like the monsters she's supposed to help Buffy stop is a million miles away from this moment right now.)

Amy laughs in Willow's ear and Willow pushes down the shame that threatens to consume her. Only Amy understands.


Tags: character: amy, character: willow rosenberg, community: femslash_minis, fandom: buffyverse, length: ficlet, pairing: willow/amy
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